Sunday, February 17, 2008

Time for Tea and a snack

I love weekends because I indulge in my fondness for tea, the tea today is Honey Vanilla Chamomile. Of course I always have some kind of little snack with it, today just a simple slice of banana bread and a few slices of a Granny Smith apple. Just taking a moment to prepare this for myself makes me take a few minutes to relax between chores and other busy work. An added bonus is that I usually will open one of my decorating and design books just for a little "eye candy".


Glenda said...

Hi Judith
I like your setting for tea. I am more a tea person than a coffee person now that I am older and I too like having my tea. Do you do use loose leaf or bag ?
I do both. I like the PG tips that you can get at Cost Plus. You can get 80 bags for $8.99. I can't find it anywhere else and to me it's the best so far for a black tea. I take raw sugar and I like to add coffee mate french vanilla creamer to it yummy.
Hope you had a great weekend.

Sweet Designs said...

Glenda, thank you for stopping by again, despite my slowness to get my blog "correct" LOL.

I will use the loose leaf on the weekends when I have more time, otherwise during the week..tea bags. I am not sure we have a Cost Plus in my area, figures, it sounds like you have found a great deal. The french vanilla creamer is one of my favs too, I also like the hazelnut! But sometimes it is just straight cream, and sometimes just the tea and sugar, depends on my mood.
You have a great weekend too, we will both have to "toast" to each other over tea on a virtual "tea party"!!