Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A White Christmas

For the last couple of years I have been doing a white Christmas tree, it has taken preference over my other color schemes I have used in the past.  Don't get me wrong, I still love my pink themed tree of the past, and my red and gold themed tree, but right now the all white, creams, and crystals capture my heart. 

Two years ago I purchased a snow flocked tree, I just love it compaired to my solid green trees of the past, there is just something magical about the wintery white snow tips on the tree.  It makes a bit of a mess when setting it up and taking it down, but it's worth it.
Sorry it is not a full length photo, I could not stand back far enough with the tripod to get the full view, but I'll post a few photos of the sections of the tree.

I used white poinsettas, santas, and birds as the "character" theme.  Along with that,  just simple white, and clear glass Christmas balls, cream grapes, icicles, crystal and sprigs of glitter laden picks.

The best thing about all using a white and cream color base is that they make an excellent start for when I decide to add in a color or many colors depending on what color theme one would want to use.  My daughter has decorated her tree similarly, but has just added in blue ornaments to the white, and it makes a striking tree.

I love doing garlands, they are just so graceful looking and add a festive look to my fireplace.

I love these large white birds I found at Pier 1.  I only bought 3, one for the top of the tree and the other two grace each end of the garland.

 There are also white and silver butterflies added to the tree and garland.

I love these little white and pinecone birds too.

I just can't resist my Santas, I have to add them to every tree I do.

This is a sneak peek at my coffee table sparkle display.  Ah, my mercury trees that I bought years ago. I bought 6 in varying sizes, I think they go perfectly anywhere in most decors.  This year I added some gems to the trees.  I just love how the gems sparkle on the tree.   Right next to the mercury tree are a few other different trees added to my forest of glamour.   

Just a few close up photos of some of my ornaments on my Christmas tree.

I'll try too add in more shots of the coffee table and my dining room table in the next day or two.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I'm back.......................

  You may reeling back on your chair from disbelief, yes, I know I am.  I'm starting to post again.

 Please don't judge me on my new header, the table setting is not complete (just a quick snapshot with my phone), doesn't fit correctly in the space, the digital quality is REALLY bad, but I have to practice on something.  Did I mention that I am NOT techie?

   I really have missed being on blogger and sharing what I enjoy so much with you and especially connecting with you.  Unfortunately, I am still so far behind the times (as usual) when it comes to the techy stuff on doing web pages.   I'm still struggling with Facebook, its pretty embarrassing when most 10 years olds have it down to perfection.  So bear with me while I try to figure out all these blogger techy things again.

  The new header will give you an idea of the different direction that I am going, color and theme wise in my house.  It's a happy and exciting time for me, leaving a bit of the past behind and looking forward to the future.

Hugs to all of you that have visited my stalled website, literally for years!  Thank you for all the concerned emails and emails of lovely support.