Saturday, February 9, 2008

Finished Sweet 16 B-Day favor boxes

Finished Sweet 16 B-Day favor boxes, originally uploaded by jcann.

Ah, presentation. I love presents and food presented in the most lovely way possible. I have had many people say they hate to open my gifts, because then the lovely wrapping would be no more. In my presentation I try to go with a theme, keeping in mind the colors, and the personality of the person receiving the gift. Don't be afraid to look in the less obvious places for the adornments for your gifts. I will often go to the childrens area in the dollar stores for prettty hair ties and ribbons, which I will use to close up goodie bags. Really, anything is possible!


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful Judith. I will never forget your generous help with my daughter's Sweet 16th (stacking plates). Despite my disconnect with "theme", you patiently guided me and I was left with a beautiful presentation and a new appreciation for how far a "theme" can take you!

I am loving your blog.

Sweet Designs said...

Thank you, I definately remember your stacking plates, I thought you did great with them! The best thing is, is that your daughter loved them, and you made her day so special!

Holly said...

I'm loving this blog and I love the favor box and I LOVE being a girl! :>