Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dinner for one...please

Tonight, it is just me, but I still like setting a pretty table, it's just a little thing I do to feel special. Everyday is a celebration.

These green cabbage plates are plates that I use over and over again, they are so interchangeable with so many other dishes that I have. The green and white pattern in them evoke a feeling of Spring time and Summer, especially since it is still cold here now it lets me escape into a fantasy of blooming trees, flowers and chirping birds.
***Edit, I was told by Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio (thank you for letting me know:) that my comments were not working on this photo. I just figured out how to fix it (with many not-so-nice-words to the innocent laptop) I hit every button I could think of and got lucky, the comment button on this photo should work now) Whew... Oh yes, one more thing....I promise to be adding on your lovely blogs to a Fav's area.....once I figure that one out.... the shame, the shame, of being a non-computer-geek. Hang in there with me folks!


Judy said...

Judith (I hope that's your name), my name is Judy and I'm so glad I came upon your wonderful blog. I'm somewhat of a "newbie" as I've been blogging since December. I'm rather addicted (according to my husband) and spend a couple hours a night on it but I've learned a lot and still learning. Please check me out at
I love all your tablescapes and look forward to more!

Judy said...

Dear "Judith" I posted a comment but it's not showing up for some reason. Please visit me at or e-mail me at I LOVE your tablescapes. If I can help with any "blogging" advice, I'll be happy to. I've been doing this since December and learning as I go.
XOXO - Judy

Glenda said...

Hi Judith
I hope you haven't thrown the laptop out the window yet.
I wish I could be there to help you with this, but I know you will get it.
Lovely place setting. Where in the world do you store all your nice things ? You must have just a room for all of your pretty things.
Hang in there.

NAME: CIELO said...

Oh what a lovely blog you have. Just got here via Glenda's blog, and I will certainly come back soon.


NAME: CIELO said...

Something else, Judith... I am addin your lovely blog to my "charming sites to visit"... hope is OK with you. I'm just in love with your blog....

Come visit me at my house in the roses; we'll have some tea!


justabeachkat said...

Hi Judith

I came over after seeing your comment on DebraK's blog about your chemo treatments. I'm a breast cancer survivor myself. Actually, I just did a post last night about this wonderful "Land of Blog", praying for each other, and cancer survivors. Would you mind if I added your name to my list? I'll pray for you and I know others would want to also. I hope you're feeling good. I've sure enjoyed my visit here....yours is a beautiful blog!

Come visit me when you have're always welcome.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

You are tooo cute! Yes your comments are working now! Yeah!! It takes a little time, but you will figure it all out!
p.s. thanks for participating in my decorating survey!!!

M&Co said...

Wow I love that you set the table beautifully even when dining alone! My husband is usually not home for dinner, and I must admit I'm not good at setting the table and making it special just for me. I'll have to work on that! :-)Btw. I love that cabbage!! :-)

Carrie said...

I see that you collect the Pinheiro Bardahlo green plates from Portugal. Several of us bloggers have also featured them in our posts.
Your place setting is multifaceted and very beautiful.
Carrie @ Oak Rise Cottage
P.S. stop by for a visit sometime -

Sweet Designs said...

Sorry all, in being late posting back to you all, I did not feel very well these last 2 days.

Judy, yes, that is my name too just shortened from my given name, Judith.
I can see what you mean about getting addicted to blogging, I have been a lurker for quite awhile and just decided to "battle" the computer and get one going..I am still having a bit of a time with it though, but I shall keep trying LOL Thank you for your nice comments on my tablescapes they are fun to do for me. I shall be visiting your blog!

PS, I think the comment did not show up immediately is because I have it on "moderate comments", and even sometimes when I have "approved" them they still don't show up! Arghhh
Thank you for your offer for help doing blog stuff, I do have lots of questions still LOL

Glenda, ah, well, it can be frustrating this techie stuff, but I am trying and I definately appreciate your help. Where do I store all my stuff, you ask, well I live in a very, very small home, but the closets are a good size, my linen closet is actually 90% my good china and crystal. The tons of everyday and not so valuable stuff is on 2 giant shelves in my garage....and I still need more room LOL

Ceilo, thank you very much for your kind comments, and thank you for adding me to your blog list!

Justabeachkat, thank you for visiting, and your good thoughts, sure, please add me to your prayer list, I certainly could use it. Thanks again, Kat

Sweet Designs said...

Penny, thank you for all your help, I did send you a long "reply" email, but it came back "undeliverable" who knows what I did wrong this time...I just start to think I am getting the hang of this stuff, then I get the "undeliverable" message just to remind me "not to kid myself", so I guess I will have a bit more frustration until I "pay my dues" LOL

Yes, definately set yourself a pretty table, you are worth it. It is just a little way I give value to myself, I would certainly do this for other people, but often not myself, so I decided a long time ago that I deserved to give myself a bit of luxury too.

Carrie, thank you for visiting, yes, I love those dishes, you get alot of bang for the buck with them. I shall definately visit your blog, thank you for the invitation.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I recognize you from HGTV Rate my Space. Or is it from Flickr? I know I've seen your beautiful home somewhere! I remember leaving a comment somwhere...

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Judith, I have just found your blog & will be back! I've always admired your beautiful tablescapes & the fact that we share a love of bunnies is a plus. You may know that I have a blog too, but just in case, you are welcome to come by for a visit!

Nice to see you in blogland, as well as around the web in our other favorite spots too. I'll add you to my bloglinks!


Sweet Designs said...

Hi Cindy,
It was Flickr that you saw my photos. I am pretty sure I had commented on your pretty designs on your Flickr page. In fact you had suggested I start a blog, well I did try, but got stumped by the "techie" stuff" which I am still working on! LOL

Rhoda, Oh, I do know you from another decorating site and I love the things you do too. Thank you for adding me to your bloglinks. I received some instructions (from some helpful bloggers) on how to add people to my blog, hopefully this weekend I will be able to figure it out and will be able to add people too. (I guess I am just a bit scared I will do it all wrong and my blog will disappear or something..LOL
Thanks for visiting, and you are welcome back anytime!

Wren Cottage said...

Hi Judith! Love this!!! Your table settings are sooo beautiful!! Would so love to leave closer, we'd have the best Tea Party ever!!!
xo Madai

Mary Ruth said...

Hi, it's me! I just love your pictures! I will come back to stare at them some more! I could never tire of your photos!

I have added your Blog address to my new Blog! Blogging is so much fun!

Sweet Designs said...

Madai, that would be such fun, a tea party! Thank you for your nice comments too :)

Mary Ruth, thanks for coming by, I visited your blog and it is wonderful, people can really learn alot from you!

Hummingbird Chats said...

I love your blog, it is so pretty. The fall tablescape was just wonderful. Katie