Saturday, February 9, 2008

Country French Inspired Living Room

Welcome to my little French country home "wanna-be". This is my main living area with a dining room that is attached to it. Even though the house is small, it serves my needs quite well. (Well, I have already kitchen is almost non-existant, I hate it, but I will have to just deal with it for a while). This house was built in the 1960's, so it has a few issues, (O.K, I lied again..LOTS of issues) such has horrible flooring, no interesting moldings, (let's not forget the kitchen...the washing machine is in the 10'x 7'9' kitchen, WHAT WAS THE BUILDER THINKING???).

But I plan on changing all that, a little at a time. I will be doing the crown and picture frame molding, I took a beginners wood shop class 2 years ago, and since I graduated with all of my limbs, fingers and both my eyes still intact, I figure that I stand a chance at being fairly successfull. I would love to attempt the floor tile, but I am pretty nervous about that...all that leveling, gridlines, grouting, my poor knees! Hey, I am over 50!

Oh, in case you were wondering why I don't choose hardwood floors, well, I have this adorable but stubborn Yorkie, who decides when he wants to be good about his bathroom habits, so tile seems to be my only hope, unless some of you brilliant bloggers out there can inspire me (or him) otherwise.

So, a good portion of this blog is to inspire me to get off my butt and just do the improvements, you know what they say about being held accountable. And hopefully there will be some entertaining photos of me accomplishing just that very thing, it can't be all fun and games with tablesettings, and cupcakes (but you will still see plenty of those).


avalon8theroses said...

You ticked me I left a message on flickr re this room..Tracey

Sweet Designs said...

Hi Tracey, I sort had to look twice at your comment, I think you ment "tickled", rather than ticked (I thought at first you were mad at me), so I went to my flickr page and you were very nice, so I figured it was a typo LOL, I do plenty of them myself. I am glad you like my living room, it is still a work in progress. Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Nancy said...

I love your furniture. Did you purchase it locally?

Sweet Designs said...

Nancy,thank you! Yes I did purchase it locally about 3 1/2yrs ago. The furniture store doesn't carry it any more though. The couch and chairs are not actually a matched set, I just got lucky and found something similar to the couch. Thanks for visiting my blog.