Monday, December 28, 2009

Late Night Foodie Pleasures, thanks Trader Joe's

Is there anything better than chocolate? I think not. In this particular case; chocolate truffles, accompanied by a yummy dessert wine. The wine is "IPSUS" Pantelleria Passito Dessert Wine. The chocolate truffles is a Trader Joe's brand, very inexpensive, but quite smooth and chocolaty. The wine and truffles are a wonderful combination. A very little goes along way, which is good news for my hips.

Aren't they just cute, there were three at the beginning of this shoot, but I had to keep my strength up so I thought I would test one out just to keep me honest. And honestly, it was gooood!

As I had mentioned above, the truffles and wine came from Trader Joe's. It's a good thing the store is in the neighboring town otherwise I would be there alot more often! I love visiting on a Saturday, I look forward to leisurely sampling the food they offer, the coffee, and the occasional wine tasting. While I was off last week at such a tasting at "Joe's" I discovered a new dessert wine as you see pictured, so I plopped that baby in my cart along with the chocolate truffles and called it a day.
Do any of you have foodie favorites that you can share with me from Trader Joe's? Getting personal recommendations is almost as good as tasting it in real life, at least I will know what to put on my list for the next visit! You can even suggest something hips will thank you!

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