Sunday, December 27, 2009

Giving importance to your featured item in your Vignettes

I hope everyone's holiday was wonderful, mine was! I had a lovely dinner with my daughter and her boyfriend. And yes, I will be posting photos LOL

I played around a little with my coffee table vignette, I love changing up the look, especially since the holidays go away so quickly!

I thought I would pass along a little tip for you all that I use in many of my tablesettings/vignettes.
Most of the time I like to make sure my featured item in a tablesetting is set apart/highlighted, and given importance. In this case the coral is the main subject. To give it more visual importanance I placed it on a large upside-down glass candle holder. The photos make the items look smaller than they actually are, the items really are quite big. By placing the coral on top of the raised candle holdler, I think it gives the item the attention that I wanted to convey. Just to make sure the coral was going to sit correctly I placed one of my glass beaded edged dishes directly under the coral on top of the bottom of the glass candle holder.

Don't you think the candle holder looks like a fishermans net that has turned into sparkling glass?

The idea is to think outside of the box, always ask yourself what other use can a particular item do.

A closeup of the coral sitting on the glass beaded plate.

A little interpertation of "jewels of the sea".

I hope this little tips helps you in your creation of your own tablescape/vignettes!

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