Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas "Lady"

Oh my, this Christmas Lady post took me forever, I have lots more photos but I kept getting "booted off".
Here she is all jeweled up, along side with my tiny collection of magnifying glasses and my decorated cake plates. Pretty much everything shown here came from Walmart or Marshalls over the years.

Below, she was wearing her "naughty" necklace, but she still will get gifts, naughty or not ....

It is quite easy to decorate stacking plates, I have used these plates for years with the different color schemes I use. Just use a coordinating color scheme, add in a few sparkles and related items and you are good to go.

Inside the top sundae cup, supporting the tree topper is simply a string of pearl garlands cut up bead by bead to fill in the void and support the topper. I have also used the pretty flattened glass marbles you can purchase from Michaels or Walmart to support the tree toppers.

My crystal and cream Christmas tree will be posted on Tuesday. See you then!

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