Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Green is so versatile!

These are a few older photos I had taken some time ago. I love my extensive collection of green cabbage plates because they are so versatile. I have used them in many different table settings. I thought you all might want to see another example of how I have used them, (other examples are in the archives.)You can usually find these plates for a good price at TJ Max, Marshalls, and Home Goods. The green color goes with all colors, because, after all green is one of the colors of nature. In this example pink, green and white is the color theme that I worked out for a Spring dinner.
If anyone else uses these green plates please drop me a line, I would love to see how you have used them.


Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

Hi Judith,

Your friends must feel when they come over for dinner that they are in a high end restaurant. I've seen these plate in so many places. But never purchased any.
It looks lovely as ever.


Mary Ruth said...

You make me want to run right out and buy some! LOVE the settings! As always you do a great job setting your table!

Anonymous said...

I love how you combine dishes from different patterns. Some I would have never thought to put together, but they look lovely when you do it. Love the pink and green.

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...


I hope you have a happy and safe 4th.


Rosy said...

Lovely! I haven't been to your blog for a while, it's great to come here and see some new posts. Sounds like TJMax, Marshalls are great places to shop, a pity I haven't seen them here. Those green plates look superb the way you do them, you've softened them and balanced the look so well.

Angela McRae said...

These table settings are just lovely! I had not thought of using the green cabbage plates in this manner. Hmmm ... I can see I must visit the trinity of stores (T.J. Maxx, Marshall's, Homegoods) again soon! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love your green plates! That cute bunny on the table is that a Fitz & Floyd? I just started my F&F collection, so adorable!

imjacobsmom said...

Oh I just wanted you to let you know that I too love love love the green cabbage plates. I have the whole kit'n'kaboodle of the bunny place settings. I went to a Homegoods, 2 Marshall's and a TJ Maxx to collect the whole set. Last Easter I filled my entire hutch. If you are an RMSer I posted it with my kitchen. ~ Robyn

Anonymous said...

Hi tablescapes, this is Shine from RMS. I had not come across your blog, and so glad I did. By the way, what I was trying to do was something you had shown before on a sideboard where you used different things from your house. Just in case there is confussion, it was not done on a table.

Sweet Designs said...

Hi Shine, Oh darn, I was hoping you had a blog, then I could have emailed you. Oh yes, I could tell, I looked at all your photos, and seen you did a side board as well as your table decor.

Since you asked for thoughts, I'll try to help. For your 1st time,you did well. Great theme Summer-Seashells, runner on the table is the cream/white theme of sand, is good. Not fond of the black and white material that you used with it, the material is pretty, and sometimes blk is needed to ground a design, but in this case I think it takes away from your theme.

The pop of red on the candle is nice,it brings in the red that is on your walls. Great using the stacking plates with the shells, which brings in the shell theme, and gives needed height to the design. It is hard to tell by the photo of your actual side board, try layering your items, more 3-D rather than running them in a straight line on the sideboard. Try removing the black and white material. A key with themed vignette is to keep things "related to each other" in "like" design. I hope I have not offended you with my thoughts, I don't normally like to give critique for fear it will be taken wrong. Overall, for a 1st time you did great! Your DR and LR room looks beautiful, you already have the talent, you just need to practice more to bring out the talent that you do already possess. My first vignette was not as good as yours, so I see great things for you down the line!

Anonymous said...

That table is very very lovely ! I like the way you combine things !
Ps - I'm from France and i arrive from Pretty Petals Party and i enjoy it... Beautiful ornaments too !!! Lovely Tuesday :)