Sunday, June 29, 2008

I love TJ Max

I find some of the best buys there. This weekend (after severe cabin fever, not to mention the lack of buying dishes lately) I thought I would trek out to TJ Max to see what I could find to appease my dish-a-holic needs. Now, being a dish-a-holic on a budget, I try to keep an open mind for what could work in a table setting, using things that were not neccessarily ment for "tableware". As I was roaming thru I noticed on the clearance aisle a stack of boxes containing a dish ment to hold 3 pillar candles and flat marbles (see photo above).

I had seen these before when they were offering them at full price and did not give them a second thought, but, when I see something on clearance I really try to think of what I could come up with. This candle pillar display had been marked down to $8.00 each. Now, I thought, how could I use this in a different way? Volia! I could use the wrought iron base as a charger plate.

This set does come with the clear glass plate you see on the front of the box along with the candles and marbles (save them for something else), you could even use the glass plate to dine off of.
And for all you Shabby Chic enthusists you could just simply spray paint the wrought iron white and it would fit right in with that popular look.
Considering that I have seen wrought iron chargers for $30.00 and up, I figured that I got a pretty good deal, now these might have gone down even more, but I needed a certain amount of these to do a table, so I figured I'd go ahead and buy them for the 8 dollar price. So for me it was a good deal.
I hope this encourages some of you to look at objects with an open mind with thoughts of how you can substitute items ment for one task to do many.


Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

Hi Judith

Love the ideas. I really thrive on different uses for things. I always see something and think what other uses there are for it.

I like contrast with different things and looks.


Sue said...

Hi Judith,
Glad to see you back, I love your suggestions. Yesterday when I was at Marshall's their was the prettiest shell shapped white teapot with cream and sugar to match that I just loved but have nothing elso to really match it.

Then I thought of your gorgeous table settings and thought about ways I could incorporate these white pieces into a centerpiece.

So, thanks for the inspiration. I'll post a picture on my blog after we get back from Vaca. next week.


CIELO said...

Oh, I totally totally agree with you. I could buy the whole TJ Maxx store; and actually I think I'm doing just that because I almost go there every day, and always have to buy something.... yikes...

Have a lovely and blessed 4th.


Mary Ruth said...

OH MY! You KNOW I love black and white! And this is TDF! LOVE, LOVE that look! You are the Queen of tablesettings!

Zoey said...

What a great idea. Love the chargers!

Fifi Flowers said...

Love this combo! Love black and white!

ceekay said...

I love the idea of the wrought iron chargers. I didn't even know they had chargers like that, but using the candle one is brillant. Besides...I LOVE black and white. you buy 4 or 8 of the plates. Most of mine are bought in 4 because I keep my table smaller most of the time.

nickyjb said...

This wrought iron charger is gorgeous! I would most certainly be displaying my cupcakes on that,
Your work is beautiful, such a creative eye!
By the way thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment, It's all a bit new to me at the moment, but i'll get there!
Love your Blog!