Sunday, March 16, 2008

Maybe I will do this for the "Tea Party"

I am terribly indecisive, I have so many goodies that I could go with, so right now I am having fun just experimenting for Risa's Partea Planner's Tea Party coming up (see banner at right for more information). The "charger" is a mirrored "vanity" tray, I bought a couple to use for a 2 person tablesetting, I love using items in a different way in which they were intended. I especially love using mirrors in all forms, they reflect beauty and light, and lend a romantic atmosphere especially when candlelight is involved.


Maureen said...

I just adore pretty chargers, and the mirrors are wonderful used as chargers! Love that beautiful banner too. I hope you don't mind that I added a link to your blog at mine!

Sweet Designs said...

Hi Maureen, thanks for visiting me and your nice comments. I did email you, but it may not have gone said it had a problem "delivering", I am not a computer techi so I hope that it did make it thru.
PS, I have already added you to my links, I hope that is OK too.

Glenda said...

Hi Judith
I have tried at least two settings so far and haven't arrived at a decision yet. May go for a third or fourth.
I for some reason can't seem to get the lighting right for a good picture. Not sure if I should use daylight or nighttime with candles.
I guess I'll play around with it some more till I feel it's right.
Hope your doing well.


Sweet Designs said...

Glenda, I just sent you an email thru your acct, but my email it seems won't let it go thru, I shall try your flkr mail.
But just in case you don't get far as lighting goes, I know what you mean. Daylight must be just right for a good shot, but candlelight and low light situations can be difficult especially if you don't use a you have a tripod? I am glad you have a lot of selections in your tea party decision, that is fun!

Angela McRae said...

Absolutely LOVE the idea of using the mirrored vanity tray as a charger! You remind me of a designer friend of mine who is always "thinking outside the box" about decorating. I'm good at copying things in magazines, but I'm not especially creative on my own. Thanks for giving me something new to "copy" when I decorate for a tea party!